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  1. Can I pay my tuition fees from overseas? It is possible to pay your tuition fees from overseas by Curtin ePay , Flywire or PayPal. Curtin ePay Curtin ePay allows fees to be paid online using your credit/debit cards, Flywire, PayPal, China... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  2. Can I get a loan for my Postgraduate course? The Australian Government's  FEE-HELP loan scheme may be available to you if you meet the eligibility criteria. The FEE-HELP loan scheme assists eligible fee-paying students to pay their... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  3. Do you offer scholarships? Curtin offers a range of scholarships to students. Please refer to the Scholarships website for more information. Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  4. Can I go to an overseas university that isn’t on the Curtin partners list? Yes. If you want to study overseas at an institution that Curtin University doesn't have a partnership with this is called Study Abroad (not Student Exchange). This is a self-directed experience... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  5. What extra curricula activities are available? There is more to uni life than working or studying and the university strives to provide all-round development of its staff and students. Some of the things that are on offer to you that you can... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  6. I have just successfully completed my pathway course, how do I switch/change courses? As an international student, it may be possible to course switch (change from studying one Curtin course to studying another Curtin course), however a place cannot be guaranteed. Students still need... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  7. Where will my classes be held? Classes (tutorials, labs, lectures etc.) are held in various locations and venues across campus. Refer to your timetable or enrolment advice in your Student  OASIS account for venue details... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  8. How do I apply to enrolment overload? If you would like to overload in the current semester (enrol in over 100 credits), you must request to do this in writing to your Faculty: Curtin Business School - Health... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  9. Do you offer any short courses? Yes. Our Graduate Certificate courses are comprised of four units and can be completed in one semester full time or the equivalent part time. Graduate Certificate courses are designed for individuals... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  10. I'm a permanent resident or New Zealand citizen who is currently enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). What do the proposed changes to CSP mean for me? From 1 January 2018, subsidies for Australian permanent residents and New Zealand (NZ) citizens enrolling in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) are proposed to be withdrawn, making them fee paying... Date Updated: 16/04/2018