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  1. Updated If I deferred my offer for 12 months, can I change my mind and start mid-year?
    If your Deferred course has a semester two entry, the Admission Office will contact you via email at your nominated personal email address in late May with information on taking up your Deferred...
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  2. Updated Why can't I class register?
    You may not be able to class register due to a number of reasons. In the first instance, please check the following. Check your  Official Communications (OC) via  OASIS to check when the...
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  3. Updated How do I apply for Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL)?
    Credit for Recognised Learning is usually submitted along with your application for your course, or once you have been accepted. To apply for Credit for Recognised Learning, you are required to lodge...
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  4. Updated How do I apply for Curtin University?
    Undergraduate course applications - Semester One Apply directly to Curtin University if you: Are a current Curtin student seeking to course-switch into another course; or Deferred your offer and...
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  5. Updated How do I activate my OASIS account?
    To activate your OASIS account, go to the OASIS login page and click on the 'Activate your account' link below the 'Login' button. Enter your student ID (this will usually be on your offer...
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  6. Updated I am an International student, how do I apply for a Course at Curtin University?
    The way to apply for a course as an international student can differ depending on the course and when you wish to commence the course. For this reason it is always best to check the how to apply...
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  7. Updated I am a deferred student. How do I apply for mid-year entry?
    If your deferred course has a semester two intake, the Admission Office will contact you in late May via email at your nominated personal email address with information on taking up your Deferred...
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  8. Updated How do I change my TISC preferences to Curtin courses?
    To change your TISC preferences go to and log in to your application. Changing your preferences is a three step process which involves moving through three pages online. Make sure...
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  9. Updated Can I apply for a postgraduate course if I am still finishing my undergraduate course?
    Students who are completing degrees can lodge their applications prior to completion of their course but evidence of completion must be provided prior to enrolment. Entry requirements for...
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018
  10. Updated How much does it cost to study externally?
    The unit fee for an external unit is the same as the internal equivalent. For specific unit fees, please refer to the Fee Calculator on our website.
    Date Updated: 08/02/2018

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