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  1. How many scholarships can I apply for? You can apply for as many scholarships as you like providing they are open for application and you meet the eligibility criteria. Students can hold only one continuing Curtin funded and one... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  2. What is Equivalent Full Time Student Load (EFTSL)? An Equivalent Full Time Student Load (EFTSL) is a representation of the amount of load a student would have when studying full time for one year. At Curtin 200 credit points equates to 1.0... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  3. How can I find out the prerequisites for a course? Future students must ensure they satisfy any prerequisite subjects for admission to the University course of their choice. Prerequisites are specific requirements that must be successfully completed... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  4. Can I apply for a scholarship if I am not an Australian Citizen? Yes, Curtin offers a number of scholarships to students who are Australian permanent residents, holders of permanent humanitarian visas and New Zealand citizens. Curtin also offers a range of... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  5. What happens if you fail WACE English? English cannot be failed, as your final mark is simply a ranking. However, there are other options available to you in early January to prove your English competency to be eligible to get into... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  6. What happens if my WACE English ATAR does not meet Curtin's English requirement? All applicants are required to meet the English competency requirement for Curtin. To meet the English competency requirement, WA School Leavers require a scale mark of at least 50 in one of the... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  7. Can I still use my TER/ATAR for meeting Undergraduate entry requirement? Yes, currently Curtin University accepts your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) from any year and your score remains with you indefinitely. The ATAR was formerly known as TER... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  8. How do I apply for a scholarship? Current students : The scholarship application process is all online. Current student scholarship applications generally open in October and close in March.  Once scholarships are open, the... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  9. How do I enrol? What type of student are you? New student Current student   New students If you are a new student, your first step is to activate your OASIS account: Go to . Click... Date Updated: 16/04/2018
  10. How many credits should I take each semester? This depends on your status. If you are an international student on a student visa , you are required to maintain a full time load (100 credits) at all times to ensure your degree is... Date Updated: 16/04/2018