What happens if there is a clash of activities on my timetable?

Updated 24/09/2018 08.35 AM

If you have a timetable clash, please check the following:

  • Ensure that you are enrolled correctly by following the course structure on the University Handbook.
  • Check that there are no alternative times available for the clashing units.
  • If one of the clashing units is an optional/elective unit, you may need to choose an alternative optional/elective unit.
  • If your clash is between two lectures, you may wish to watch one of the units online via iLecture on your Blackboard account. You do not need to register for that lecture if you wish to use iLecture.
  • If your clash is between two core units, you may wish to select another unit

You may find Why can't I register in classes? and How do I register in classes? helpful.

If you are unable to resolve the clash, please contact your Student Services Office (FSSO).

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