How do I get a Mentor?

Updated 16/04/2018 01.08 PM

Depending on what you are studying, you can register for:

The New to Curtin UniMentor Program is available in many undergraduate courses at Curtin University and aims to link new students to current students in the same course; where the new students can get assistance and practical advice related to beginning their first semester. As a first semester undergrad (including course switchers and fully online) you are automatically assignment a Mentor. If you did not meet your Mentor at Orientation Week or have not received an email (check your student email account) from your Mentor please send us an email.

If you are a Post Graduate student the Curtin Student Guild coordinate the Post Graduate Mentor Program which requires registration.

If you are in your final year of studies you might also like to consider applying for the Next Step: Industry Mentoring program.

If you are an Open Universities Australia student learn more about the Student Coaches.

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