What extra curricula activities are available?

Updated 12/09/2018 11.05 PM

There is more to uni life than working or studying and the university strives to provide all-round development of its staff and students. Some of the things that are on offer to you that you can explore to enrich your Curtin life are:

Recreational Services: If you are looking for something to do that is fun and exciting then try one of our challenging group fitness classes which include: spin, boxing, yoga, pilates, combat, pump etc. Also available are sports such as basketball, netball, indoor soccer, beach volleyball and more. For further information please visit the Curtin Stadium website.

Work Experience: The experience you gain will be invaluable when you are ready to seek career opportunities upon graduation or internship completion. Put knowledge gained through your studies into practice and demonstrate your ability to perform in a professional environment. Be mentored by professionals and build industry networks. More information is available on our Careers@Curtin website.

Work Placement: Completing a professional placement within your desired career field gives you the opportunity to gain real work experience and networks within the industry. Both can be invaluable in your career development. The professionals you work with as a volunteer intern, could be useful contacts or referees when you graduate. More information is available on our Careers@Curtin website.

Curtin Volunteers!: Is an award winning, student-run, non-profit organisation that gets Curtin students and staff involved in the community through volunteer work. Joining CV! is a great way to meet people and broaden your horizons while doing something worthwhile for the community. For more information, activities and events visit the Curtin Volunteers!.

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