What can I do to give myself the best chances of being accepted?

Updated 21/06/2018 03.32 PM

For School Leavers,whilst some courses are more competitive than others, the higher your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), the better your chance of being offered a place at Curtin in your desired course. Acheiving the advertised ATAR does not gurantee you a place in your desired course.

If you’re a Curtin student intending to switch to a competitive course with limited places available, your application can be subject to your course weighted average (CWA) from previous studies and most recent semester weighted average (SWA). The exact criteria will be determined by the assessing School.

Some courses also require you to satisfy specific prerequisites. Research the requirements for the course you are interested in by visiting the Courses page on the Future Students website and take note of English requirements, prerequisites and any additional application requirements.


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