Are there any courses or activities that may be offensive to my culture?

Updated 12/09/2018 11.05 PM

Maybe. It is highly recommended that you read the course/unit information so you are fully aware of the essential requirements of study and can identify if any activities or content would conflict with your culture.

Some examples include:

Physiotherapy students must participate fully in all laboratories and clinical activities to develop the professional skills essential to be a competent practitioner. This requires that all students be suitably disrobed, for example in appropriate swimwear or undergarments, in a mixed class group to practise physiotherapy techniques on students of both genders throughout many of the laboratory sessions for the duration of the course.

Human Biology and Anatomy students must view cadaver material to gain a three-dimensional perspective from carefully prosected specimens.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students should be aware that Curtin's website and links may contain pictures, film and names of people who have passed away.

Fashion students may be required to organise fashion parades including the coordination of live models backstage and can inadvertently be exposed to nudity as models prepare to change into designed garments.

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