What is considered as a full time load for an International Student?

Updated 24/07/2018 12.30 AM

International students on a student visa are required to maintain full time enrolment at all times to ensure their degree is completed within the normal course duration. With the exception of a small number of courses, the full time enrolment is 100 credits.

In some circumstances, students may be permitted to enrol in a study load of less than 100 credits in any semester/trimester. A Request to Enrol in less than 100 Credits in the Current Semester form must be completed and approved each semester/trimester where an international student does not intend to enrol in full-time study.

Students that reduce their study load may not complete their course within the expected course or visa duration and may need to apply for another student visa. Students that have no formal approval to reduce their study load may have their request for a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) document declined. A COE is required for further student visa application.

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