How will I receive information about my graduation?

Updated 23/08/2018 12.25 PM

If you are eligible to graduate you will receive a graduation invitation via your official communication channel (OCC) in OASIS.

Graduation invitations are sent twice per year; after semester one and semester two results publication date. If you are completing Summer School or a trimester you will receive your graduation invitation via OCC after the next semester results publication date.

Your invitation will provide information on how to register to receive your graduation documents pack. For example you can register to attend a graduation ceremony or receive your Graduation Documents Pack by mail.

A Letter of Course Completion can be used in place of your Curtin award until you receive your award certificate.

All graduates have continued access to their OASIS OCC channel after completion of their degree.

If you have not received your graduation invitation by the published dates please contact your Student Service Office as there may be outstanding course requirements.

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