Why can't I register for classes?

Updated 24/09/2018 08.40 AM

You may not be able to class register due to a number of reasons.


  • your Official Communications (OC) via OASIS when the class registration system opens.
  • your attendance mode - online or internal. If you are sudying online units you do not need to register in classes.
  • if all the classes are full: Click the 'View Full Classes' on the My Classes tab. If all classes are full please contact your Student Services Office for assistance.
  • if you have a timetable clash. You may need to Swap Classes.
  • if you are enrolled in the correct semester.
  • if your unit has streamed classes as this may affect the registration process. Contact your Student Services Office for assistance.

You may also find How do I register for classes? and What happens if there is a clash of activities on my timetable? helpful.

If you are still unable to class register after performing these checks, please contact your Student Services Office for further assistance.

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