Can I study part-time?

Updated 16/04/2018 01.11 PM

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow for that much study, you can choose to study part-time, undertaking as few as 25 or 50 credit points (one or two standard units) per semester. This reduces your weekly workload considerably but extends the duration of your course. You can also change your load each semester, studying part-time in one semester, then full-time in the second.

But keep in mind that not all courses have a part-time study option so it is always best to check on your course page of interest under the 'Study method' section.

Many of our postgraduate students have a busy schedule already and choose to study part-time. To further accommodate your other commitments, postgraduate units are often held in the evenings.

To achieve the results you want, you will need to dedicate a significant amount of time to your study, but you will still be left with time to work, socialise, relax or get involved with some of the extra-curricular activities on campus.

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