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Can I apply for Special Consideration as a TISC applicant?

Published 30/08/2007 03.07 PM   |    Updated 08/02/2018 09.26 AM

An application for special consideration is only for students new to Curtin University.

The circumstances may be one-off occurrences or ongoing situations such as but not limited to:

  • medical condition and/or disability
  • accidental injury
  • caring for ill or injured close family members
  • financial hardship
  • close family bereavement
  • incorrect advice provided by previous educational institution or Curtin

Alternatively the disadvantage may be a result of being part of an equity group such as:

  • low socio-economic (SES) background
  • people from rural and isolated backgrounds
  • people with disabilities
  • Indigenous Australians

Please visit the Special Consideration website for more information.

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